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Employer Feedback

Here is a small taste of the feedback we have received from employers:


“ … we cannot thank you enough for working on this on our behalf. We will most certainly stay in touch for the next person whom I hope we will need soon because we plan to make this office move forward much faster than it has been.”

“ I very much appreciate your efforts on our behalf and I know that our requirements are not the easiest to fill.”

“ … the Thornhill Employment Hub enabled us to hire a young person who has absolutely thrived in their role and has significantly contributed to the positive culture…”

“ Hub is a great resource for a small and growing company like ours.”

“ Thank you for your continuous support and assistance with proving guidance and understanding we will continue with the use of employment hub for any future trainees.”

“ We were very satisfied with the candidates presented to us and would recommend the HUB to other companies.”

“ Absolutely satisfied with this program and the supportive staff – Thanks so much.”

“ I would like to express my appreciation to all the staff at the Hub I had to work with during this period. Really appreciated the excellent work you to—very courteous efficient and easy to work with…”

“ Thank you for all your assistance, it is greatly appreciated and we will continue to use the hub for future


“ This opportunity has provided us with a win/win situation…, a personal thank you for being so supportive to all of us during this process!”

“ Has been a great partnership.”

“ … always very pleasant and available to help us. Always goes out of her way to get the information that is needed.”

“ We are all delighted and cannot thank you enough for helping us figure this out.  It was a big win/win!”

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