Why Hire Youth

By Ruby Dely, Employment Consultant, Thornhill Employment Hub

Youth can be effective employees and a great asset to your business.  Employers have cited several attributes that make young workers desirable to their companies. By spending the time to teach them how to be professional and drawing on their strengths, you will have valuable employees for yourself and assist these youth to be successful in future ventures.


  • Some believe that it is easier to train younger workers and to employ them in flexible staffing environments.  Youth are enthusiastic, energetic and physically active therefore often seen as being capable of higher levels of productivity by the very nature of their age, physical skill and stamina.  Who knows whether these young workers will become your customer, vendor or even your partner in the future?


  • The most obvious strength that youth have is their knowledge on modern technology.  Young employees are skillful when it comes to utilizing different computer functions.  This is a big advantage for small businesses.  They are active in various social media platforms to promote your product or services.


  • Having young employees can strengthen your current and future customer base, especially where they are visible to customers can help retail and consumer products companies engage younger customers.  A few employers feel by that employing more youth means more disposable income for their current and future customers.


How can you manage Youth as employees?


  • Be flexible with their scheduling. You will have loyal employees in youth by providing flexibility in their schedules, allowing them time for school functions, and school work.  Because of accommodating their holidays and special occasions you gain allies with their parents and families in the community.


  • Ask for their opinions and ideas. Each youth has special strengths and great ideas, by tapping into them; you develop their skills and confidence while still growing your business.  While there is a lack in experience, youth make it up in innovative new plans that can suit the current market better.  Your company needs these bright thinkers and new approaches since they represent the future of your business.  They are not afraid of new challenges and more than willing to embrace change, providing your company with new and fresh information to expand.


  • Help them to grow and learn. While your role is to train youth to be good employees, you can also help them gain life skills to grow as individuals.  By spending the time explaining how good work ethics and a diligent approach to every task transfers to all kinds of jobs and life situations helps them value their employment even more.