By Brenda Faktor, Employment Consultant, Thornhill Employment Hub

If there is one theme that is universal to Job Search, it is STRESS. To be in job search mode is one of the ten most stressful experiences people deal with. I have been an employment consultant for over seventeen years and have yet to come across a client that is not stressed about their situation.


So how do we cope with stress during job search?


One very important factor is that you dare not job search if you are stressed. WOW now what!


Well the first thing one needs to know is that unlike any other stressful situation, job search is unique because in order to be effective and successful you need to display a positive, upbeat confident attitude. You need to put your best foot forward.


All the other stressful situations like a death in the family or a divorce evoke sympathy, but job search needs a very strong approach in order to be eligible for the job market. Nobody is going to recommend their best friend for a position if they are depressed, nervous, lack confidence and does not know what they want to do.


Well would you go to an employer and say,” I have a friend who desperately needs a job, she says she has no current skills, is very old or too young for the workforce and needs any job.” Absolutely NOT! So how do you cope with stress during job search?


Six tips for turning the stressful job search process into a successful one:


  • You need to believe that you are very employable. If you are lacking in a certain skill, you need to upgrade your skills.

  • You need to look at unemployment as a full time job. Treat it with a strong work ethic, a positive, can do attitude and dedicate at least four to five hours to it every day.

  • You need to treat this as an opportunity to further your career by setting a goal to find a bigger and better job than the last.

  • Look for a job that excites you as there is nothing better than going to work and feeling that it is not work as your passion makes it enjoyable.

  • Share your enthusiasm, passion and can do attitude in the interview. Employers are looking for people who are confident, knowledgeable and excited about working for them.

  • Be Resilient which is the ability to get up after each rejection and say NEXT


Remember one of the most important skills one needs during job search is the skill to accept rejection. Not every resume or interview is going to get you a job. Don’t make this mean you are not good enough.


Practice Resilience to Reduce Stress

Building resilience is not rocket science; it is taking small steps that end up giving a big payoff. It is as simple as being determined to stay positive


Resilience is a mindset, this means you need to train yourself to be optimistic to make it no matter what challenges life throws your way.


  • Some ways of becoming resilient are:

  • Practice relating to others from a positive place;

  • Speak positively don’t criticize

  • Learn and welcome new knowledge rather than fear change 

  • Put effort into your job search

  • Change your approach if the results are not good because you will keep on getting what you are getting if you keep on doing what you are doing

  • Spend time alone and allow the spiritual, meditative or religious aspect of your personality to thrive and comfort you

  • Frequent healthy activities like walking, running, workouts, yoga or pursuing a hobby you love


As well as resilience we also need to have a Paradigm shift.


Embrace this time with a free and happy spirit. When you were working, life was hectic, no time for socializing, hobbies physical activities, in other words no time for fun and games.  I am not saying you must just have fun, I am saying you need to enjoy your flexible time.


Put tons of effort into your job search. I always suggest to my clients to treat their job search like going to work. Wake up in the morning, get dressed so you feel good, go to your computer (hopefully it is in a quiet place in your home or the library or even the Thornhill Employment Hub ) Set a goal to research three companies, find three good jobs that excite you ,write three good resumes and cover letters .


After achieving your goals, you will feel great because of the effort you have put in and then GO AND ENJOY YOUR DAY.


  • Meet friends

  • Smile a lot

  • Watch a comedy

  • Visit your family or friends

  • Go for a walk

  • Write poetry

  • Meditate

  • Smile even more

  • Embrace the day

  • Think positive thoughts

  • Throw away fearful thoughts.

  • Tell as many people as possible you are looking for a new opportunity.


Please note none of the above costs money it costs a lot of positive attitude, which we can all afford to have.


We have the ability to choose to be happy or stressed. Take massive determined action as Tony Robbins said and then enjoy your life because this is it, it is not a dress rehearsal as Loretta la Roche said.