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Job Seeker Feedback

Here is a small taste of the feedback we have received from job seekers:



"I wish to acknowledge all the assistance I received during my association with The Thornhill Hub.  The workshops, counselling and resources proved invaluable to me.  I would have been lost without these programs.  The entire staff works so hard to ensure results for their clients.  I'm certain that I would not have found success without The Thornhill Hub.  "


"Thank you so much!!  I am really excited about this next step and it absolutely would not have happened without all your help, work and support.  There aren’t enough words for me fully express my sincerest gratitude!!!!  "


" I wanted say thank you, as the Thornhill Hub was very helpful in my preparation for interviews and cover letter and resume writing.  I felt more confident on my third interview.  It landed me the job and they saw my skills and experience and knew I was the right candidate for the job. I would definitely recommend the Thornhill Hub for anyone seeking and wanting to prepare in their job search. "

" The job search process has been both enlightening & depressing, I have never had to search for a job in my life. 

I wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to the team at Thornhill Employment Hub for your commitment & dedication to helping people looking for employment. I enjoyed the time I spent at the Hub, I found your workshops to be fun and informative. I always felt the team there was generally concerned in preparing us for our job search & making all resources available to us job seekers. Keep up the good work. "


“ As a newcomer, I went to this center because a friend recommended that to me. The first thing that attracted me was a warm welcome and greeting at the front desk. … Regarding the workshop, I personally found it very professional, particularly compared with other workshops I attended in other places. It was informative, relevant, and useful. I revised my resume after the workshop and guess what I got the interview. ”


 “It was a very difficult time for me and you and the staff at the Hub were awesome at making me feel welcome.  Your knowledge and professionalism made me feel very confident in my job search. ”


“ All those nagging phone calls and my emotional roller coaster to you both really paid off for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”


“ I got a job already … I am extremely happy and grateful and thankful.  Thank you very much for all the help that you've given me. ”


“ I truly appreciate that you have supported me by providing me with potential positions that I could apply to and following up with me. You have kept me motivated and encouraged me all the way until I landed a suitable position. ”


“ I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me, ever since I did those 2 workshops for building a resume and the cover letter workshop, I feel a lot more confident about this process of finding employment. I was a little embarrassed about my initial resume, but I am actually now quite proud. The fact that I can come in and use the Internet and computers for looking for work is also amazing.”


“ You were so kind, and easy to talk to - and you really did open my eyes about how agencies work! In the short time I spent with you, I learned a lot.... and I actually felt like you "cared". ”


“ I want to thank everybody at the Thornhill Employment Hub. The entire staff was such a breath of fresh air in what can become a dark and lonely place. It’s hard to be low when walking in such a positive place .”


 “ Thank you for your help this morning and being patient with all my questions. It was very interesting and helpful watching myself in an interview. Especially with your workshop information fresh in my mind, I am certain all this will help me in the upcoming interview this week. ”


“The networking workshop really made me make networking a priority, and it really paid off… I FOUND A JOB! ”


" I was at a low point in my job search. And would've probably settled for less. But thanks to the Thornhill Hub, you can never give up on your career goals. They'll tell you how it is, help you fix your personal brand and give you all the tools to set you straight on a path where you need to go. Been 6 months since I got my job. It's one step up from what I used to do prior. Higher pay. Better future. I'm impressed beyond delight. Thank you!!! "


“ … I am starting my new job on Tuesday! I want to thank you and all the staff for all that you have done to help me get to where I am. I could not have done it without your support. ”

“The Thornhill HUB gave me incredible support in pursuing and finding a new career. The staff were uncompromising in their willingness to go that extra mile for me. I'm so grateful! ”


“ I would like to thank the staff at the Thornhill Hub for their positive spirit, encouragement, and for giving me the drive, motivation, inspiration, and tools to search for employment. The task of job searching can become daunting sometimes; however thanks to the wonderful workshops and the continuous support from the excellent staff at the Thornhill Hub I was offered the job at a reputable organization. ”

“ I wanted to thank you very much for all the help, support and confidence you gave me when searching for my job and when I was at my lowest point after 9+ months of job hunting. You were a light in the dark and made me feel that I was not alone out there. ”

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