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Job Search Workshops

At the Thornhill Employment Hub, we have offered several job search workshops.  We have paused these workshops at this time, but we have the booklets available. You can read through the documentation, then schedule an one-on-one meeting with someone from our team to discuss it further. 


Here is a short overview of our workshop:


Answering Challenging Interview Questions

Learn about the questions you are likely to be asked and how best to answer them. These techniques and preparation will help you be more confident and prepared for your next job interview.


Interview Strategies

Gain insight into what employers are looking for during an interview. Develop the strategies to make a positive and memorable impression.


Job Fairs and Hiring Events

An excellent opportunity to excel in your job search. Whether with the employer or the Job Developer you are connecting with companies that are eager to fill their current openings.


Better Jobs Ontario Info Session

An overview of a funded program for those who have been laid off and require training to improve their employment options. This video introduces you to the program and walks you through the first steps.


Write a Winning Résumé

Learn about what employers are currently looking for and how best to have your résumé stand out from the rest. Taking the time to apply these techniques can help you get more calls for interviews!


We are currently not offering these events every month. Please feel free to contact us if you want to learn about current events

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