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We host events at our location and virtually to help job seekers find employment or their future job search goals! Some of those events include workshops, jobs fairs, information session, and guest speakers. Please check out our current event calendar to learn more. 


Some of the services we are provide include: 

  • Our Employment Consultants are delivering one-on-one employment counselling via telephone and email to help job seekers reach their future job search goals

  • Our Job Developers are working with employers to post their jobs and find qualified candidates eager to fill those positions-- Job Board outlines those current job openings

  • We’ve added resources to our website, so you have current information-- most recently we have added information on COVID-19 and free online courses.

  • Organizations we are working with in the community that are our guest speakers for topics that can help you. 

  • We are working with employers to host virtual job fairs, which allows them to interview possible candidates for job openings they are eager to fill. 

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