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  • Are you a Job Seeker?

    Let the Thornhill Employment Hub be the first step in your quest for gainful employment. The greatest challenge facing a job seeker in their pursuit of employment, is knowing where to start. The HUB provides the relevant knowledge, guidance and empowerment for you to achieve your goals in today’s competitive labour market.

  • Are you an Employer?

    Let the Thornhill Employment Hub be the first step in your quest for recruiting new employees. The greatest challenge facing employers in the hiring process is finding the right candidate effectively and in a time sensitive manner. We can assist you in matching the right candidate with not only the technical abilities to do the job, but one who will also fit in with your Corporate Culture. We also provide information on accessing many of the government sponsored incentives for employers.


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  • Why are the HOLIDAYS a GREAT time to SEARCH FOR WORK?

    by Jacquie Ottema Ever been told or assume that November and December are bad times to look for work? Well I am here to confirm to you that this timeframe can be very lucrative and successful. Allow me to give you some reasons: – More than 80% of job seekers stop searching for work – […]

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  • Thornhill Employment Office Offers Yoga Sessions

    Yoga for job seekers. Yoga helps unemployed cope with stress. Wendy Schie of the Thornhill Employment Hub describes the yoga program she developed for those seeking employment through her government agency. By Kim Zarzour, Thornhill Liberal. You could call it karma, or call it common sense. Wendy Schie knows something good is emanating from the […]

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  • Hire An Apprentice

    EMPLOYERS! Find out how apprentices quickly become productive, and profitable with the skills you need! The answers are right here! Small business employers reveal how apprentices have made a positive, profitable, productive impact on their companies. With tax credits, bonuses and a profitable return on investment; help and assistance in finding the right candidate and […]

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